9/11 – never forget

9/11 - never forget
a candle on this special day

2001, 9/11 … that day changed the world

Even our „little“ world in our family.
No – we did not loose a loved one. Up to that moment, when I heard about the first plane crash on radio-station, it was a wonderful day. Our son had his very first day at school, was proud to wear his satchel and was looking forward to an interesting and exciting time.

But the day ended with tears … we sat there, in front of the TV, holding each other, crying and trying to understand what has happened in the U.S.

We will never forget that day.
We will never forget all those, who perished. May you rest in peace.
We will never forget all those, who risked their life. May God bless you.
We will never forget all those, who had lost a loved one. May God be with you.

We will never forget to pray for peace.

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